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since 1993

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About DeValk Associates

What is Interactive Theatre?

DeValk Associates Interactive Theatre combines state-of-the-art human dynamics content with the drama of live theatre. Since 1993, DeValk Associates Interactive Theatre has proven effective in a wide array of industries, and around the US and internationally.


DeValk Associates programs include training vignettes custom-designed to reflect the unique organizational culture of the client.  The vignettes are portrayed by actor-trainers who have worked in a variety of industries and represent a breadth of professions.  Vignettes are followed by highly interactive discussions led by experienced facilitators who help participants explore the issues, and how the issues  impact individuals, teamwork and productivity.  During the discussions, actor-trainers remain in character so participants can problem solve and practice skills in the safety of the classroom.  DeValk Associates transforms the classroom into a living laboratory where participants can safely examine complex and difficult workplace issues, by seeing and doing, rather than just discussing.

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DeValk Associates Services

benefits of devalk associates interactive theatre

  • Employees hear their own language and feel the reality of their own workplace

  • Incidents that mirror the culture are used to teach important points

  • Participants more easily see how others react to incidents in a  theater setting than they do in the workplace

  • DeValk Associates Actors are also trainers familiar with diversity issues found in the workplace and are skilled at gently pushing people out of their comfort  zone

  • Seasoned employees don’t always like to be “taught” and interactive theater is“non-invasive” methods of getting the message across

  • Participants get the chance to question the Actors in a safe forum after the presentation, such as, ”Why did you do that?” and  “What was your motive for saying this?”

  • Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

  • DEI in the New Normal--COVID and Black Lives Matter-A Virtual Interactive Theatre Program

  • Identifying and Addressing Unconcious Bias

  • Communicating About Diversity for Diversity Practitioners

  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion Issues in the Classroom

  • Micro-inquities at Work

  • Communicating During Times of Change


A Partial List of DeValk Associates Interactive Theatre Program Topics

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